What’s in My Organic Travel Makeup Bag! (+ My NYC Gluten-Free Foodcation)

August 6, 2018

Minimalist Organic Beauty in NYC

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that I recently went to New York City to visit my best friend (whom I lovingly call Chibi). I had never been to NYC before, and honestly, it’s my favorite place I’ve ever been.

Brooklyn, NYC

I loved the culture, atmosphere, tall buildings, and endless, endless amounts of amazing gluten-free food! While I follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan, I had decided to enjoy this foodcation since I had never been before. But, everything still had to be gluten-free. We have lots of GF options in the Louisville area, but it’s still always a bit… lacking. I’ll have 5 options on the menu while everyone else has 20. I have to stick to naturally GF foods, and can’t find good substitutes.

That was not the case in NYC.

Gluten Free Crepes from Eight Turn Crepes

I was able to get anything I wanted gluten-free. My very favorite thing I ate were these amazing crepes!! They were so delicious, I had to go back and get more. This was a matcha chocolate swirl crepe with chocolate truffles from Eight Turn Crepe. Yum! They’re popular in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Anyway, I had such an amazing time, that I wanted to share some of my favorite spots we went to, as well as my minimalist, organic travel makeup bag I brought with me. I packed light because I knew I’d want to shop and fill up my luggage! So I brought only my small makeup bag packed with my favorite essentials.


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What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag? Organic Travel Kit Essentials!

Organic Travel Makeup Bag

For my Base: The Multi-tasking 100% Pure BB Cream

Primer, SPF, and foundation all in one! It was perfect for my trip. It’s my best, long-lasting foundation. Even in the heat, walking around all day, or in the humid subway stations, this BB cream withstood it all. I wear it in Aglow.

Coffee in NYC
Enjoying a cold brew iced coffee, sweetened with stevia, at Bluestone Lane Coffee in Times Square at the end of the day. Makeup still on point!

Sweat-Resistant Concealer: FitGlow Conceal+

FitGlow’s new Concealer+ is hands-down my favorite concealer. It works best for my lifestyle, but especially while traveling. I could go the whole day and know it wasn’t going to budge! It’s made to withstand heat and sweat during a workout. But that also applies to standing in the NYC subway feeling sticky. I wear it in C2.

Concealer that doesn’t budge after a long day of travel since 3:30am! After AMAZING gluten-free Mexican food and unique margaritas at Miti Miti in Brooklyn with my bestie, Chibi.

Matte It out: 100% Pure Full Coverage Healthy Foundation

I set my BB cream and concealer with 100% Pure powder foundation in Peach Bisque. If I needed to touch up throughout the day, I could add a bit more to freshen up!

Dumbo, NYC
Matte makeup despite the heat! Taken in Dumbo by the Brooklyn Bridge.

One-Palette-Fits-All: 100% Pure Pretty Naked II Palette

Highlighter, blush, and three beautiful eyeshadows! This is my favorite palette for my everyday look. The colors are so perfect and universally flattering. I wore it every day, and for the most part, I used the darkest color as eyeliner.

Glowing highlighter and a delicious matcha latte at Matchaful in Dumbo

Easy Eyebrows: Burt’s Bees eyebrow Pencil

I’ve used this one about down to a nub! I would line the bottom of my eyebrows and brush through. Done!

The Met
Inside the “pyramid” at the Met with Chibi!

Eyes that Pop: W3ll People Expressionist Eyeliner and Mascara

Honestly, I only used the eyeliner once while I was there, so I could’ve left it at home (but cat eyes are one of my favorite looks!). I thought I would’ve worn it more, but I changed up my look with my lip color and left it at that.

However, a must have always is the Expressionist Mascara. Nothing beats it in my book!

Soft Swerve
We ran in a storm and got drenched from the rain for this. But it was all worth it for this amazing matcha black sesame swirl ice cream with mochi bits from Soft Swerve! And, no running makeup!

Two Lip Colors To Change it Up: Au Naturale Su/Stain Lip Stain & Gabriel Lipstick

I used Au Naturale Su/stain lip color in On Pointe most days because it’s my favorite. It’s not too bold, it’s long lasting, and goes with everything. It matches the 100% Pure palette well.

But changing your lipstick can totally change your look all by itself. So since I kept everything else the same, I brought a bold lip color, too. Gabriel’s lipstick in Mauve (which is a bit of a misleading name, because the color is NOT mauve at all, but fuchsia pink!) was perfect. It’s one of my favorite lipstick colors.

NYC Street Art
Same makeup, different lip color. My bold Gabriel lip color matched the bright neons in this street art design across from the Oculus by the World Trade Center Memorial.
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Bring a compact brush!

I didn’t have all compact brushes when I left. But, I found out Target has a bunch of Real Techniques travel cosmetics brushes on clearance right now. So I bought a few! They’re perfect.

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My Favorite Spots in Nyc

I LOVED the Dumbo area! It’s beautiful, and there was always something going on. Chibi and I got to ride the merry-go-round at the park, and the view of the Manhattan skyline is awe-inspiring. The whole area is so peaceful and cool. We ate lunch by the water one day with amazing lattes from Matchaful.

Dekalb Market Hall, where Eight Turn Crepe is at, was my favorite place to eat — the truffle fries are amazing, too. I got to stop by Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Cafe as well, which I highly recommend! It’s my FAVORITE coffee of all time, and the cafe is so small and cute. Try Hugh’s favorite and their signature: The Flat White.

Friends apartment
I LOVE Friends!! Seeing Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey’s apartment was too cool!

While we didn’t do all the touristy things, The Met is worth the visit, as is walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hu Kitchen near Union Square Park was an incredible experience because it’s 100% gluten-free! So no worries about getting cross-contaminated. The food was delicious and similar to Trim Healthy Mama.

Make sure to check out the Friends apartment in Manhattan — I was too excited that that. And Kinokuniya is an amazing Japanese bookstore across the street from Bryant Park!

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
Chibi and me at the theater before the show. It was epic!!

Don’t forget to try the legendary Schmackary’s! They have to-die-for cookies — even GF ones! I got a GF macaroon and mint mojito cookie… YUM.

For the most traditional Japanese food and freshest fish you’ll find outside of Tsukiji, Tokyo, check out Sakagura in Midtown.

And, if you get the chance, go see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on Broadway! This was the real reason for the visit. We planned the dates around the play! It was amazing.

In case you can’t tell, I want to go back and eat all the foods.

what are your favorite places to visit?

NYC is my favorite city I’ve been to so far in my travels! What’s yours? Leave me a comment or send me a tweet @RebelHeartBty.

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