I Love You, I Know: Our Elegant, DIY Star Wars Wedding

August 24, 2018

Elegant Star Wars wedding theme ideas! Snag-worthy Star Wars decorations, like a lightsaber bouquet, R2D2 colors, Star Wars centerpieces, and Star Wars cupcakes. #starwarswedding #starwarsdecorations #weddingideas

The Force Was Strong WIth This Wedding

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All professional photos by K. Merideth Photography.

This weekend is my 1-year anniversary with my husband!

DIY Elegant Star Wars Wedding

And to celebrate, I wanted to do something a bit different for my blog post today. I wanted to share our nerdy, elegant Star Wars wedding.

If you’re planning your wedding and you’re a bit nerdy, too, maybe this will help inspire you. Or maybe you need to DIY your wedding like I did. I hope this gives you some ideas.

I was very blessed to have tons of friends and family who pitched in to help me and Bryan put together the wedding of our dreams. We changed our wedding date from October to August, and only had 3 months to plan. We had a small budget ($2,500), and all Bryan wanted was a fun reception. All I wanted was a nerdy wedding!

We asked all our friends to help if they could. My friend Bradly had experience with party planning, and when I called him up for advice, he volunteered to help us with the whole thing as our gift. He helped out with everything from planning, food, and carpentry. He’s a jack-of-all-trades! I’m so thankful to him and all our family and friends who helped us have the perfect wedding. It was both classy and subtly nerdy. We kept super close to our budget and had about 60 guests. Here’s what we did!

Elegant Star Wars wedding theme ideas! Snag-worthy Star Wars decorations, like a lightsaber bouquet, R2D2 colors, Star Wars centerpieces, and Star Wars cupcakes. #starwarswedding #starwarsdecorations #weddingideas
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Nerd-Elegant DIY Star Wars Wedding Theme Ideas

The Star Wars Invitations

Star Wars Wedding Invitations Star Wars Wedding Invitations

I designed the invitations myself in Photoshop and found the Star Wars fonts to create something similar. I lucked out because VistaPrint was running a huge Memorial Day sale, and I got our invitations for 50% off.


The Dress

Star Wars Wedding Dress


Honestly, my dress was the easiest part. I went to David’s Bridal and looked for something Princess Leia-esque. I wasn’t going for her most famous look with the buns, but her Throne Room look from the end of A New Hope. Here’s what her dress looked like next to mine:

Star Wars Wedding DressPrincess Leia

Not identical, but similar, right? This dress was on the clearance rack. I found the belt on Amazon!


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The Hair & Makeup

Star Wars Wedding Hair & Makeup

Thankfully, I’m a cosmetologist. Obviously, this won’t be easy for everyone, but I did my own hair and makeup. I got $8 Korean clip-in hair extensions that matched the color of my hair, and a decorative hair accessory from Amazon. All I did was clip my extensions into the bottom layer of my hair, create a large bun on top, and braid the bottom. Again, I was going for a look like A New Hope but also a bit Return of the Jedi.

Princess LeiaPrincess Leia

I also cut Bryan’s hair myself and helped everyone get ready as needed. The one bummer? In the whirlwind of everything, I somehow didn’t get one single picture that showed off my R2D2 nails!


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The Colors

Star Wars Wedding Colors

Our colors were easy! We chose royal blue, silver, and white after R2D2. It worked out perfect because it was elegant, and Bryan ended up finding an amazing royal blue suit from HIM Gentlemen’s Boutique. We got our son an outfit to match from Amazon, but he was extremely nervous the day of the wedding because of all the people. He didn’t want to wear the jacket or take pictures. And that’s okay! PopPop (my dad) kept him calm.

Star Wars Wedding


The Lightsaber Bouquet

Star Wars Wedding Bouquet Star Wars Wedding Bouquet

I made the bouquets for me and my maid of honor out of lightsabers! I bought Anakin/Luke/Rey’s Lightsaber for mine and Kanan’s for Lauren. I sawed off the lightsaber part and arranged the flowers how I wanted. I figured out how many flowers I needed total, and bought all the flowers at once while they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I used a hot glue gun to fill the base to hold them in place once they were perfectly arranged.

Star Wars Wedding BouquetStar Wars Wedding Bouquet


The Groom’s Subtle Details

Star Wars Wedding Cufflinks Star Wars Wedding Socks

Bryan isn’t a huge Star Wars fan like me (although he likes it), so he went more subtle. I tried to get him to dress more like Han (at least, only a vest and no jacket), but he loves being dressed up in a nice suit. It’s his day too, and he let me do everything Star Wars, so it was good. 🙂

So, I got him and his best man matching R2D2 socks (our son had R2D2 socks too! But you couldn’t see them), and I got Bryan R2D2 cufflinks on Etsy.


Friends & Family

Star Wars Wedding Ties

My family bought their own things, but all the men wore Star Wars ties! My dad wore a black suit and Darth Vader’s red lightsaber tie. My brother wore Luke’s blue lightsaber tie, and my mom wore a dress that was Padme-esque. My grandpa, uncle, and our officiant/good friend Tyler all wore Star Wars ties, too! Bryan’s dad wore a Millenium Falcon tie and his sister dressed as Rey.

I told my friends to feel free to dress up as characters if they wanted to, and three of my friends did! My best friends Marie and Samantha dressed as BB-8 and R2D2. My friend Nicole came as C3P0! These were the droids I was looking for. 🙂

Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding


The Cake & Cupcakes

Star Wars Wedding Cake

Thank goodness Bryan’s mom, Mary, is a fantastic baker. Since I have to be gluten-free, our cake would have been so expensive. But Mary made our cake for us! She made us a gorgeous tiered chocolate cake with raspberry inside, and she made Star Wars cupcakes. Lightsabers, Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader… she went all out! They were amazing and delicious.

Star Wars Wedding Cake Star Wars Wedding Cupcakes

Star Wars Wedding Cupcakes

The Guestbook

Star Wars Wedding Millennium Falcon Guestbook

Instead of a guest book, my dad made me a wood Millennium Falcon! I sprayed it with silver spray paint, and we used it as our guest book. People signed it with a black sharpie.


The Star Wars Centerpieces, Signs & Decorations

Star Wars Wedding Centerpieces

For the centerpieces, my mom had given me a TON of blue mason jars that she didn’t want anymore. They were perfect! I put a few flowers in each. I spray painted smaller mason jars I got at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. I used a Rebel Alliance symbol decal to spray over, so when you peeled it away it left the symbol outline. We placed a citronella candle inside to keep bugs away. I wrapped greenery around it and a simple ribbon down the center of the table. I got all the flowers, ribbons, and signs at Hobby Lobby.

Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Signs Star Wars Wedding Signs


The Snapchat Filter & Photo Booth

Star Wars Wedding Photo Booth

The photo booth was so easy. Bradly brought the PVC pipes to hang the starry background I got on Amazon. I already had the Princess Leia cut-out and added a Death Star beach ball and Star Wars props for a kid’s party.

My bestie Brooke showed me how to make your own Snapchat filter! I had no idea you could do that, but it was so easy and cheap. The Snapchat filter was only $5 for our small area for 5 hours. I designed it myself in Photoshop. Besides that, Brooke helped me prep all the bridal stuff, like thank you cards and registry. I couldn’t have planned it without her!

Star Wars Wedding Photo Booth Star Wars Wedding Photo Booth Star Wars Wedding Snapchat Filter Star Wars Wedding Photo Booth


The Ceremony & Reception

Star Wars Wedding

For the ceremony and reception, we had it outside at Bryan’s parents’ house. Bradly made our arch for us, and Bradly’s mom put together the flowers I bought for it. We wanted something simple, and this was perfect! Bradly helped us score everything. He got us the chairs steeply discounted from someone he knew, he borrowed the string lights for us from a friend, he made our dance floor and helped us snag enough tables for the reception. We ordered the white table clothes on Walmart for a great price. Bryan’s friend DJ Do Great did our wedding and reception music – he was awesome! The bridal party walked down the aisle to the Star Wars theme, and then I walked down the aisle to the Throne Room song. We ended with the ending credits song, all from A New Hope. It was epic.

Bradly had helped me get the food and then also cooked it the day of. I swear, he helped with everything and was a lifesaver. He really made the day special!

Everyone pitched in the night before and the day of. All of Bryan’s family helped set up the table clothes and centerpieces and everything. I bought some cheap knockoff lightsabers for the wedding and reception, and they were a hit!

Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding


The Photos

Lastly, we had an amazing photographer, Kristina Merideth from K. Merideth Photography. She did such an amazing job with our wedding photos and capturing the night.

Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding

Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars Wedding Star Wars wedding


I love You. I know.

What do you think of our Star Wars wedding? What kind of nerd wedding would you want? Let me hear them in the comments or send me a tweet @RebelHeartBty.

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Elegant Star Wars wedding theme ideas! Snag-worthy Star Wars decorations, like a lightsaber bouquet, R2D2 colors, Star Wars centerpieces, and Star Wars cupcakes. #starwarswedding #starwarsdecorations #weddingideas
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